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The Black Geese: A Baba Yaga Story From Russia

Black Geese A Baba Yaga Story


ISBN: 0789425580
Author: Alison Lurie

When her little brother is taken away by the black geese belonging to the terrible witch, Baba Yaga, Elena searches for him in the great dark forest.
Do you wish to acquire a children's book? Get your hands on a copy of Black Geese - A Baba Yaga story from Russia written by Alison Lurie. Written by Alison Lurie and it is published by DK CHILDREN. The children's book was released around March of 1999. This is the 1st American ed. is 32 pages long and it is loaded with magnificently colored illustrations. A DK Ink book. It furthermore highlights Folklore and Fairy tales. I would like for you to get the best price when choosing a children's book for your children, please check out our store button below.

Baba Yaga's black geese have taken Elena's baby brother! The scary witch, the resourceful tiny girl, and also the magical animals--traditional elements of fairy tales from around the world--come together here with bright, dynamic illustrations to generate a new classic. Now it's up to Elena to conserve him from the terrible witch who eats small children. But how can she? This charming retelling of a Baba Yaga story from Russian folklore, perfect for reading aloud, is sure to enchant children everywhere.

Baba Yaga's black geese steal children--everyone in the village fears them. On her way, she runs across a fish out of water, gasping. So when young Elena discovers that her baby brother is missing, she knows she need to rescue him from the evil Baba Yaga's forest lair. Even though she is inside a great hurry, she helps it back into the pond.

"As you have helped me, so I shall support you,"mentioned the fish. When she later helps a field mouse move a rock, he gives her a danger-preventing pebble."As for Elena, she went on to her village and was safe at home playing with her small brother when her father and mother got back from the marketplace employing the sugar buns. When Elena throws the pebble, a mountain looms large, and Baba Yaga is at last stopped in her tracks. If ever you are in danger, throw it over your shoulder. She picks up her brother, and runs into the forest, making use of the terrible witch hot on her heels."Jessica Souhami's lively, geometric collages--inspired by Russian folk art--express action and emotion with the simplest of forms. Children will be on the edge of their seats as Elena tries to rescue her baby brother and is chased by the evil witch."Here, take this shell."As she hurries along, she releases a squirrel from a trap, who gratefully gives her a danger-preventing walnut. Remembering her magical gifts from the forest creatures, she throws the shell behind her. But Baba Yaga chews the trees down with her sharp teeth. A lake appears! At last she reaches Baba Yaga's foul hut,"which stands on three giant hens' legs and can move around when it likes. and visibly relieved once they both make it house safe and sound. When Elena throws the walnut over her shoulder, a thick grove of trees appears! The subsequent time they see a fish or perhaps a squirrel in need, they may pause to help. And who knows? (Ages 4 to 8) --Karin Snelson"Baba Yaga is asleep inside, suitable subsequent to her baby brother! But Baba Yaga drinks it in great thirsty gulps and is back on her trail.


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