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Clever Katya: A Fairy Tale From Old Russia

Clever Katya A Fairy Tale From Old Russia

Barefoot Books

ISBN: 1905236050
Author: Mary Hoffman

With a Solomon-like wisdom far beyond her seven years, young Katya helps her father solve a riddle posed by the Tsar.
The author is Mary Hoffman and the publisher is Barefoot Books. This became available around October of 2005. This is the Pbk. ed. of Clever Katya: A Fairy Tale From Old Russia : a fairy tale from Old Russia has 32 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pictures.

When Katya's father and his wealthy but selfish brother disagree about which of them owns a newly born foal, its falls to the tsar of all Russia to settle the case. Katya hears the riddle and knows exactly what to do as well as the events that adhere to change all their lives. Full color. The tsar decides to execute so by setting the brothers a riddle.


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