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Russia (country Explorers)

Russia country Explorers

Lerner Classroom

ISBN: 0822589958
Author: Tom Streissguth

I will share with you an excellent book titled Russia (country Explorers). Written by Tom Streissguth and it is published by Lerner Classroom. It was released sometime in September of 2007. The book is 48 pages long. I would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a book.

Pack your bags! On this whirlwind tour, you'll learn all about the country's landscape, culture, people, and a lot far more. We'll explore Russia's cold, frozen tundra and wide open steppes, take a subway ride through Moscow, and watch a beautiful Russian ballet. We're headed to Russia. A unique section introduces Russia's capital, language, population, and flag. Hop on board and take a fun-filled appear at your world.


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